This is NOT a sanctioned event, its a social ride with a few timed Strava segments. We are not making money, your cover charge goes to cash prizes, beers and food! Sign up at your own risk


  • 20 Euros cash in the bucket when you arrive in the morning.

  • Your 20 euros gets you

locker/shower use at TSC - pre ride coffee

post ride food and beer - draw prizes- a whole lotta fun


  • Rollout and ride finish is at The Service Course

  • Rollout is @ 9 am, arrive whenever you like.

  • this is not a race and rules of the road apply, stop at red lights and stop signs and have respect for fellow riders and pedestrians. Anyone being an idiot will not be welcome at the next event.

  • Sign up is mandatory in order to get the GPX file

  • This ride is self supported, there is no neutral support so bring your own spares. 

  • The route will be published the days before the ride the same time it is emailed to you. 

  • You must complete the whole ride to be eligible for prizes

  • there is no overall time taken so take your time. This is not a race!